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  Rockman is a BMI singer/songwriter,
Recording Artist, Producer 
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Rockman Jackson
New CD Comming Soon
"A Journey Through Life"

Listen to "Hey Sexy Baby" 
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Michael J. Jackson
1958 -2009

In Memory
Michael Jackson

The Final Cutain Call
Michael you danced and sang your way through Life. You endured all the ups and downs, alongs with the joys and pains. Most importantly you lived your life to the fullest. 
"Every Man Dies but not every man lives."
Michael your light was so bright that it touched everyones soul.
The angels in heaven where even amazed at the glory of how full your life was and will always be.
Michael you touched my life
from the first time i saw you perform.
I will always pay tribute to The Power and Magic Of your Music. I will forever celebrate your life

Thank you Michael

Young Michael Jackson
"The King Of Pop"